Leo Messi returns to Barcelona ‘with 15 suitcases’

In the face of all the reports that point increasingly to a possible return of Leo Messi to Barça, the Argentine has surprised everyone by landing this very afternoon at El Prat airport.

According to ‘Jijantes’ Messi arrived accompanied by his family and his closest circle, although in an unusual way he did it in a hidden way, and without being seen by anyone. Only Pepe Costa was given the job of leaving through the terminal door.

Beyond possible speculation, the player has days off in Paris and has most likely taken the opportunity to come to Barcelona for a break. According to the media, he did so with as many as fifteen suitcases, something that once again opens up speculation regarding his future.

Messi’s arrival at Barça next summer seems to be taking more and more shape, although there are still many details to resolve for the Barça board before completing the return of the Argentine star. It is expected that in the coming weeks the two parties will be in contact again with a view to clarifying the situation further.

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