Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina

The couple is facing questions as a result of the interventions of several journalists and commentators close to the family.

In early 2023, rumors circulated about a possible crisis between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez. Some press sources blamed the supposed lack of complicity in some photographs, the substitutions of the Portuguese star in the World Cup, and the seriousness during the footballer’s presentation with Al-Nassr, as reasons for a hypothetical break. These rumors were immediately denied by Georgina herself via her Instagram account. Nonetheless, doubts have resurfaced after a gathering on the Portuguese television network CMTV.

Ronaldo-Rodríguez questions raised

The program, Noite das Estrelas (’Night of Stars’), featured a psychologist, a journalist, a close friend of Dolores Aveiro, and a friend of Cristiano to give their opinions about the relationship. The psychologist, Quintino Aires, claimed that Cristiano was not satisfied with his personal life and was not going through his happiest time.

“The further he gets from his mother, the less in control he is. And we all know why he is getting further and further away from his family,” he said, indirectly pointing at the player’s model wife.

Another commentator, Daniel Nascimento, added that her spending habits weren’t going down well.

“Georgina spends her days in a shopping mall in Riyadh and that is one of the reasons why Cristiano is starting to not like what’s heppening. She does nothing but spend, spend, spend and spend, and worst of all, she thinks she’s on Cristiano’s level.”

However, a close friend of the striker, Filipa Castro, defended the couple and said that everything was fine between them, but her version was not supported by any other members around the table.

“I can state from a source that they are as usual, super fine. This is stories, gossip commissioned by people who can’t stand Georgina,” Castro said.

Leo Caeiro put forward the case that “they are together to feed the [celebrity] product,” adding “I have been saying for months that they were not well and were likely to separate. The reality is that Cristiano is fed up with her.”

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